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1201 Floralife Clear 200 1Ltr - 1 No

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  • Provides a balanced formula to lower the pH and increase the speed of flower hydration.
  • Provides the appropriate amount of nutrients to inhibit premature bud opening and bent neck in flowers.
  • Helps to keep the flower stem’s “plumbing” free flowing.
  • Effective at room temperature and in storage coolers.
  • Finished product  is clear in all water types.
  • Helps reduce flower scrap and customer credit adjustments.
  • Can be used with all flower varieties.


Two times more concentrated than 200 or Clear 200, ULTRA 200 and Clear ULTRA 200 storage and transport concentrate treatment have more active ingredients in every drop. In fact, a 15 gallon container of concentrate provides the same number of doses as a 30 gallon container of nonconcentrated product. More concentrated means less freight cost, less labor to change out containers when empty, and 50% less plastic used and needed to be recycled. For Growers, Shippers, Bouquet Makers, Wholesalers, and Retail Shop Florists – all levels of the distribution channel. Great for processing, shipping, or shop displays when wanting to keep flowers from opening prematurely. 

  • Reduces freight costs by shipping fewer containers.
  • Half the amount of space required for product storage.
  • 50% reduction in disposable container costs – more  environmentally friendly.
  • Reduction of handling required for container change outs and dosing setups.


Directions for Use

• Remove foliage from the flower stem area which will be located below the solution level in the flower container.

• Recut flower stems with a clean, sharp cutting tool, taking off at least 1 inch.

• Place flower stems in a clean bucket of solution and keep them treated during transport and storage until it is time to prepare them for consumer sales. Add additional solution as needed. Change out bucket solution at least once per week and use clean buckets prior to filling with new solution.

• After treatment with this product, use a Floralife flower food solution to aid in opening up the flower buds for a beautiful display. 


Dosage • 1:200 (0.5%) – Dispense 1 tsp.


Clear ULTRA 200 or ULTRA 200 Storage and transport concentrate treatment per one quart of water. Read and follow label directions. Make sure dosing injector systems have been adjusted to accommodate this double concentrated formula

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