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1502 Floralife Green Fresh Up Light Green 500ml - 1 No

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  • For plants and foliage - turn brown spots green
  • Water-based Green tint
  • Fast Drying & Good adhesion
  • Comes in 2 shades of green: 1 light and 1 dark
  • Translucent tint rather than a solid color


Green Fresh Up is a breakthrough technology that helps you turn the brown spots on your plants or foliage back to green.

Available in 2 shades, this translucent spray allows the plant to continue breathe and to grow and does not mask its original scent.

It does not crack and allows the greenery to remain pliant. For indoor use.


For the Entire Floral Channel . . . Professional to End Consumer


  • Great for indoor use and decorations
  • Can be used in conjuction with Floralife® Aqua Colors
  • User friendly - Helpful for Growers, Packing Houses, Supermarkets, Florists, Retail, Hobby and Craft, Home Decoration


Directions for use

• Make sure all surfaces and materials to be sprayed are clean, dry and free of grease. It is very important that materials to be sprayed are completely dry, as this will impact on product performance

• Shake each can for 3 minutes and test spray before use

• Optimum temperature for spraying is 59 - 68˚ F (15 - 20˚ C)

• Spray materials at a distance of 10” - 12” (25 - 30 cm)

• Depending on the surface, temperature and layer thickness, the spray should be fast drying


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