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552 Salmon DM Ubermatt Colour Spray Paint - 1 No

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  • Ultra-matte/ flat sheen
  • Fast drying & quick coverage
  • Rich smooth finish
  • Fast Drying & Strong Adhesion
  • Water Resistant & Long Lasting
  • Ideal for Floral Designs - Safe to use on Fresh Flowers & Foliage
  • Easy Application & Quick Coverage
  • Pigmented, lacquer-based spray
  • The most versatile spray - Can be Used on Various Surface


Changing colour is one of the easiest methods of reinvention! And, ubermatte is a perfect vehicle to updating flea market finds or tired, shop-worn items.  Trend colour and trend finish in one easy-to-apply spray! übermatte delivers quick-covering, fast-drying colour in an ultra-matte sheen. Create modern smooth finishes or use simple techniques for worn vintage patinas. übermatte is hardwearing color with strong adhesion to transform many hard to color surfaces. Refashion clear glass vases into a color design element for floral design. ubermatte is the ultimate change up artist for craft and DIY projects too!

Available in a fresh palette of 12 confident, trend-focused hues, übermatte colors slip into many current and forecasted trend palettes for home and wedding decor.

  • Scratch resistant, hard wearing color
  • Safe application on Styrofoam™ brand foam
  • Safe on fresh flowers, but results may look painted due to heavier pigmentation than our other flower-friendly sprays
  • Pigmented, lacquer-based spray
  • Compatible with other Design Master Color Sprays
  • Recoat at any time


Application tips

  • 1-2 even coats provide complete coverage on most surfaces.
  • Shake the can vigorously. übermatte is a thicker pigmented spray and it may take shaking the can longer before hearing the agitator balls. Shake the can for a full minute AFTER hearing the rattle.
  • übermatte looks glossy when wet but dries to its matte finish.
  • Sprayed items can be used within 5-10 minutes with normal handling.  Maximum durability and scratch resistance is achieved when surface thoroughly dries, usually in 6-8 hours.
  • For best adhesion to glass, WASH and thoroughly DRY before spraying.  This removes an invisible mold release on new glass and accumulated residues on old glass.
  • Advise not to refrigerate sprayed glass vases, metal containers or other temperature conducting surfaces.
  • On fresh flowers ensure a safe spraying distance of at least 18 inches. Best if blossoms are of good quality and at room temperature. With heavier pigmentation than our other floral sprays, übermatte may make some blossoms appear painted.
  • Also adheres to acrylic, melamine, polypropylene and rigid recycled plastic.



  • DRY TIME: 6 minutes
  • NET WEIGHT: 10 OZ (283 g)/ (283 ml)
  • COVERAGE: Influenced by usage and desired opacity: Up to 20 sq ft - single coat / 10 sq ft - 2 coat application
  • APPLICATION CONDITIONS: Use in a room temperature (70 °F), low humidity and a well-ventilated area
  • RECOAT WINDOW: Allow finish to dry between coats, then reapply at any time
  • CLEANUP:MESS MASTER, lacquer thinner or acetone on non-perishables
  • SPECS: Pigmented, solvent-based, lacquer type spray



•        Acrylic

•        Ceramics

•        Chipboard

•        Concrete

•        Fabrics

•        Foam Core Board

•        Foliage and Plants

•        Fresh Flowers

•        Glass

•        Metals

•        Paper

•        Papier Mache

•        Plaster

•        Pottery

•        Ribbon

•        Some Plastic

•        Stone

•        Wood

•        Terra Cotta

•        Wicker

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