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703 Pink Glow DM Colour Spray Paint - 1 No

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  • Fast Drying & Strong Adhesion
  • Dries to a beautiful satin sheen flat colour
  • One light coat adds a translucency of colour
  • 2-3 light coats provide complete coverage of surfaces
  • Water Ressistant & Long Lasting
  • Ideal for Floral Designs - Safe to use on Fresh Flowers & Foliage
  • Easy Application & Quick Coverage
  • Pigmented, lacquer-based spray
  • The most versatile spray - Can be Used on various surface


COLORTOOL Sprays are versatile, fast-drying colour delicate enough for use on fresh flowers, yet sturdy enough for all sorts of surfaces. An ultra-fine mist provides smooth application plus opportunity to create colour infused patinas by layering colours or using simple techniques.

Over 50 classic and trendy colours to choose –.

  • Use colours alone or in combination
  • Simple techniques for unique finishes
  • Pigmented, lacquer-based spray
  • Recoat at any time


Application Tips

  • Ultra-fine spray provides for application options. Colour misting, blending, creative techniques or dripless, even finishes.
  • 1 coat applications appear as a wash of colour and slightly translucent.
  • 2-3 light coats enrich the colour and provide complete coverage of the surface.
  • To achieve the smoothest finish, apply spray in sweeping, even and parallel strokes.  Start at the base of the item spraying all around its circumference.  Then move up the item, keeping a wet edge as you cover any overspray.
  • On fresh flowers ensure a safe spraying distance of at least 18 inches. Best if blossoms are of good quality and at room temperature.
  • Ideal for indoor projects. (The finish is durable for outdoor use but pigments are not UV resistant. Some colours by nature will hold their colour better than others.)



  • DRY TIME: 5 minutes
  • NET WEIGHT: 12 OZ (340 g)
  • COVERAGE: Influenced by usage and desired opacity. Up to 16 sq ft - single coat / 6-8 sq ft - full opacity
  • APPLICATION CONDITIONS: Use in a room temperature (70 °F), low humidity and a well-ventilated area


Can be Used on various surface Like Acrylic,Ceramics, Chipboard, Concrete, Dried Flowers, Fabrics, Foam, Core Board, Foliage and Plants, Fresh Flowers, Glass, Metals, Paper, Papier Mache, Plaster, Pottery, Ribbon, Silk Flowers, Some Plastic, Stone, Styrofoam brand foam, Terra Cotta, Wicker, Wood