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1507 5 Step Floralife Kit Set Of 5 - 1 No

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Get started on your flower care journey

with this sample-sized pack of the 5 Steps of Fresh

– you’ll be astonished how much longer your flowers last!

Each kit includes:

  1. Sanitize: 100ml Floralife Cleaner
  2. Hydrate: 100ml Floralife Quick Dip
  3. Nourish: 100ml Floralife Clear 200
  4. Protect: 100ml Floralife Finishing Touch
  5. Customer Care: 5nos Floralife Flower Food Sachets
  6. Oasis Branded Plastic Pouch


1. Sanitize & Cleaner - Cleaner Plus - 100ml

Disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes floral buckets, tools, work surfaces, vases, containers etc.  Reduces bacterial growth which harm flower stem vase life.

Dosage: Use 10ml in 1 ltr water.


2. Hydrate - Quick Dip 100 - 100ml

Instant hydrating treatment helps maximize water/ solution uptake and avoid bent neck & droopy stems. Place stems in two inches of Quick Dip instant hydrating treatment for one second. Immediately place flowers in a Floralife Clear 200

Dosage: Ready to use solution, no mixing required.


3. Store & Nourishment - Clear 200 - 100ml 

Provides the appropriate amount of nutrients to inhibit premature bud opening. Balance formula to lower PH & keep the flower stem’s “plumbing” free flowing. In storage or in transportation of flowers.

Dosage: Use 10ml in 1 ltr water. 


4. Protect - Finishing Touch - 100ml

A simple fine mist spray refresh, hydrate & protect fresh flower finished design & potted plants.

Dosage: Ready to use solution, no mixing required Spray on flower petals.


5. Customer Care - Flower Food Sachet - 5 nos

Encourages the flower to properly start opening, showing vibrant colours. It hydrates and nourishes the flowers for maximum enjoyment. Can be used is vase water or water to soak Oasis floral foam also can use as give away to your customers along with bouquet.

Dosage: Use 1 Sachet in 0.5 ltr water. 


1201 Floralife Clear 200 1Ltr - 1 No

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1402 Floralife Quick Dip 1Ltr - 1 No

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1403 Floralife Cleaner Plus 1Ltr - 1 No

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1407 Floralife Finishing Touch Spray Bottle 500ml - 1 No

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Special Price 190

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